Sometimes I need a burning bush.

Ya know, the one like Moses had.  Where God spoke to him and called him to go into Egypt to free His people. Sometimes I need that. I am human, and stubborn like Moses was, so I feel like I need God to just tell me exactly what He wants me to do.  I am willing to go, I just need to know where.

This week I have been faced with a difficult decision.  And no matter how often I read Matt 6:25 or Jeremiah 29:11 I am still stressed/semi-depressed with this choice that I have to make.  I am willing to go where God wants me, but what do you do when you aren’t sure which path He wants to take you down?

A good friend spoke into my life yesterday and said something that stuck with me. No matter what choice we make, as long as we are seeking God’s will while taking that step, He will still lead us where He wants us.  And she is absolutely right. No matter the decision I make, God will still have His way.

I truly believe this, but for some reason I am sitting here….eating chocolate. playing my guitar. in the dark. distraught over this decision as if what I decide could cure cancer or destroy the world. selfish.

Well I am going to go back to seeking His burning bush now. prayers are appreciated 🙂


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