texas ten

so i have been in texas for a week now and i am ready to report my 5 favorite things and my 5 least favorite things. here we go:

The good stuff

1. The Texas Rangers – I was present when the team was crowned AL West Champions for the second year in a row. i loved witnessing such passion and celebration among individuals as one. Needless to say, I’m a Rangers fan now. 🙂

2. Gas Prices – who doesn’t love cheap gas? $3.05 at the moment. Can i get an amen?

3. Sunsets – they are just prettier in the south

4. Shopping – so many cute areas with local shops. & way too many mainstream malls with any store you could ever wish for. i may go broke.

5. Barcadia – that’s a bar + an arcade. together. in one. i’m not talking all those new virtual games, i’m talking old school. skeeball. mortal combat. super mario brothers. the good stuff. best. idea. ever.

The not so good stuff...

1. No Fall – this is the worst. Fall is my favorite and i already miss it desperately.

2. The Road System – terrible. that’s all i got.

3. It’s no Music City – Justin Bieber was in downtown Franklin yesterday shooting a music video, my friend saw Keith Urban at Starbucks, Dierks Bentley performed in a parking lot downtown…i just miss it…the energy and passion for music that lives there. breathe it in people of Nashville.

4. No home – extended stays kinda suck. i miss my bed and my roomies in Nash. they are ‘da best.

5. Traffic – soooo many people!!!!

Beyond this list, my first week has been pretty incredible.  I have met some amazing people and had the opportunity to catch up with old friends that I haven’t seen in years.  I am excited to see where the next 7 weeks will lead me. I’m embracing this unbelievable opportunity with open arms. I’m all in.

I will fill you in on what I am doing here soon enough…but i’m thinking the next post may be about the state fair. it’s sure to be a good report.


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