to those of you who know me, it is no secret that i love music.  i believe that it has the ability to change a day, a life, even save a soul.  music is powerful.

but let’s step back and take a moment to discuss how it can set the mood for a perfect moment.  a summer night on a porch swing, or a dance party with a close group of friends.  the right tunes can make or break an experience.

while this is true in real moments. it is also true in a fictional world.

i have always loved the art of marrying a great song, lyrically and musically, with a specific scene of a TV show or a movie. the perfect pairing invites the audience into the story, not with just their minds, but with their hearts and souls as well.

i recently started watching the TV series One Tree Hill again.  before you immediately exit out of this blog, let me attempt to justify my watching this teenie bopper show.  i watched the series when it began, and kept up with it throughout high school.  when i went to college i didn’t have as much time to devote to TV shows, so i lost touch.

however, i really enjoyed the show.  one of the characters starts her own record label, and there were always great musical guests.

annnnnddd…. maybe i thought Chad Michael Murray was hot, and i wanted to know if him and Peyton would end up together!

but it wasn’t until i started watching the show again (thanks to Netflix) that i discovered how great the music was that helped shaped the stories.   as i have been watching this week, i have kept my phone close by, ready to Shazam at a moments notice.

while most of the music is amazing on its own, when it is intertwined with the perfect scene, it can be gut-wrenching.  yes, even on One Tree Hill.

the scene that i am sharing with you is a beautiful piece of art.  although you may not understand the interwoven relationships and some of the happenings of the plot, you will be able to feel the emotion.

the song is by Civil Twilight , called ‘Quiet in My Town’.  the build ups and movements of the song play out seamlessly with the telling of this story.

so watch. let your mind drift, and allow your soul to be moved.

Next time you are watching a show, take moment to notice everything about that scene.  the colors, the faces, the music. take in all of the elements.  while tv has become a mindless escape for many,  let it inspire you.  that is someone else’s creation, their art, and they are welcoming you in to be a part of their soul.

oh, and you should probably go check out  more Civil Twilight now. you won’t be disappointed.


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