fuel for the creative class

an intriguing thought, right?  especially for any of us who use any ounce of the right-side of the brain.  we all need inspiration every once in a while…or everyday for that matter.

STORY – a two day conference set out to be just that…fuel for our creative minds.  to fuel the passions that have been set on our hearts, and fan the flames of our swelling ideas.  i encourage you to visit the website, the platform in itself is beyond inspirational.

i had never heard of STORY, until i was asked to help Food for the Hungry at the event. i have been representing this awesome organization at a variety of events since February, please check them out and see how you can get involved.

as i started researching the conference, i got more and more excited about attending.  i was reading a book that was written by one of the speakers that would be presenting, Bob Goff, and many of the other attendees were intriguing to me.  I was excited to hear how they were setting off to make a difference and fulfill exactly what they were created to do.  I could probably write 5 blogs about the incredible moments i encountered during the 42 hours i was at STORY, but i will share with you some of the highlights and thoughts that inspired me the most.

“we all want to make a difference in the world, but none of us want to be different ” – Bob Goff

“we find our voice by taking creative risks” – Issac Rentz (director of music videos for Cage the Elephant and the All-American Rejects)

“translate your art to bring hope to the world. tell the story authentically, but never let tragedy have the last word in the story” – Erwin McManus

“the more I strive to create a life that absorbs beauty, the more I see the tragedy in life. this journey doesn’t free us from the struggle, it frees us for the struggle” -Erwin McManus

“the poetic heart needs a place of safety to create where it is not about utility, or function- just love” – Makoto Fujimura 

this is Micah Bournes. he performed this piece while Food for the Hungry footage from Africa played in the background.  needless to say, tears were streaming down my face.

“If you say to yourself, ‘I don’t have time,” you need to look at what your life is really going to be about” – Anne Lamott 

“All of life is like driving at night with the headlights on. We can only see a small portion of the journey in front of us, but we can make the whole trip that way” – Anne Lamott

“I’m agnostic to ‘Christian’ art – it becomes dangerous when we start to put labels on our creations. In order to please God – just be honest” – Issac Rentz

This piece was created throughout the duration of the event by Milton Coronado on behalf of Logos, bible software.  I was lucky enough to have my booth set up two down from his.  Loved watching him work.

There were many other encouraging moments throughout the days.  Whether they were from the stage, a conversation with a fellow attendee, or an exchange with one of the whimsical story tellers…inspiration was abounding in Chicago.

– Also, Be sure to check out the incredible music by Sleeping At Last and All Sons and Daughters – these were my favorite performers by far.

intrigued by these thoughts? check out this trailer for 2013…

so my question for you today is one that i struggle with daily…. what story were you created to write?  and what is stopping you from writing it?


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