A few weeks ago, my good friend Tiffany Lo had a grand idea of creating a ‘music monday’ to share songs with each other.  The two of us have very similar taste (which is amazing), but while she is on the west coast, and I am heavily influenced by the Nashville scene we have been exposed to completely different things.  We have always shared good finds with each other, but we decided to start letting other people in on it as well.  Tiff and I have created this Spotify playlist.

Every Monday we will write a blog with a snippet of why we chose the song, and a bit about the artist so we can help share the world with the incredible talents that are out there.  So without further ado…Music Monday…

Kellyn’s Pick:

I am somewhat embarrassed by the way that I discovered this incredible song.  Gossip Girl. We don’t need to discuss the reasons behind my watching the show…let’s focus on the music.  “Concrete Wall” by Zee Avi.

I was immediately captivated by the acapella beats sung by angelic voices.  I love the layering of the voices.  The contrast between the musicality and the lyrics of the song is intriguing as well.  It’s all about a terrible fight in a, what sounds like, a broken relationship.

“you make me wanna throw this shoe right through the concrete wall…”

Lyrically, it is aggressive and angry.  Musically, it is this sweet melody that makes you feel like you are walking through a garden on a sunny, spring day.  love it.

Tiffany’s Pick:

I didn’t know who Grouplove was until a couple members were scheduled to attend GRAMMY Camp Los Angeles as guests this past summer, but I heard their song ‘Tongue Tied’ in the iPod commercials several times. They also did a small mini concert at my work in early September, which they rocked. Some of us were lucky enough to get free CDs of their album and that is when I discovered “Betty’s A Bombshell”.

I’m a big fan of lyrics that make me think beyond the surface, which is what the chorus did for me. The song also reminded me about a relationship that my friend was just in. We all love songs we can find connections to! The message I got was: the sooner you let go of things, the faster you can move on to bigger and better things!

[Verse 1]

Betty’s a bombshell, she just got paid
Crossing the street on passion and gates[?]
Billy’s a looker, he’s from upstate
He ran into Betty and he took her on a date


And it’s a
Sunny day, we will
Go away on a
It’s a
Sunny day, we will
Go away on a

And it’s okay
All the suffering obliterates at speed
But don’t you wait (don’t you wait)
For the faster you let go you will receive
What you need

[Verse 2]
Betty said “Billy, why you making my face?
Since you moved in, you’ve been on a different page.
You’ve been out of commission, hiding in the kitchen
Freddy came over and you couldn’t even listen.”

It’s a
Great escape from your
Heartache, it’s your
It’s a
Great escape from your
Heartache, it’s your

Please check out these artists and their other great songs!! Grouplove and Zee Avi are both oh so talented.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our Spotify playlist and check out our picks from the weeks past!

have a fabulous music.monday.


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