Alright…week number two (on the blog) comin’ at ya! For those of you who missed last week,  Tiffany Lo and I are going to be feeding you music every monday.  It could be new, old, or just completely under the radar.  We have also created a Spotify playlist for your listening pleasure.  Intrigued?  Read on…

Tiff kept it short and sweet this week.  No explanation needed apparently…

Tiff’s Pick: 

Ellie Goulding – Explosions
I’m obsessed with her right now. Pretty song… that’s really all I have to say 😀
Kellyn’s Pick:
First of all we must talk about my hometown for a second.  Bowling Green, KY.  Heard of it? Didn’t think so.  Well this town of 60,000 is home to Western Kentucky University, Nappy RootsCage the Elephant, and now Sleeper Agent. The latter is who I am going to introduce to you.  As their bio says they “merge pop-punk’s sugary effervescence with garage rock swagger.”  I think that is a true description, so if you are into either of those things, check this band out.
 I was lucky enough to see Sleeper Agent play at a wedding. yes, in Bowling Green, KY.  They played this song and I fell in love with it…
Here’s a picture from the wedding.  And yes, they sounded great live.
Ok…so there ya go for week 2!  Don’t forget to subscribe to our Spotify Playlist!
Happy listening…
Oh, and I apologize for the failure on being visually appealing.  Wordpress is having spacing issues today.  Very frustrating.

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