Alright, now that we are back on track after our missed week, we will only be introducing a song each today. So, without further ado…

Tiffany’s Pick: The Script – No Words

The Script is one of my favorite bands. I got into them two years ago when Kellyn introduced me to their song ‘Breakeven’. I immediately recognized the lead singer’s (Danny) voice as one of the members from an obscure boy band, Mytown, that I used to like. I later looked it up and discovered it was indeed him. The drummer, Mark, was also in Mytown.

I love how thoughtful all of their songs are and they have some of the best lyrics out their today including this song!

Kellyn’s Pick: Awolnation – Kill Your Heroes

Some you may be familiar with this band.  They have made quite the entrance into the mainstream music world over the past year.  Their most famous song, Sail, has been featured in a number of TV Shows and commercials.  It’s a killer song.  However, their entire album is pretty great, and extremely eclectic.  This song, “Kill Your Heroes”, is very light and upbeat compared to the dark tones of “Sail.”  I encourage you to check out all of their music, I think there is something for everyone on their album, “Megalithic Symphony.”

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Happy Monday to you all!

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