hello all. i hope everyone is as excited as we are about thanksgiving. who doesn’t love a good reason to gather with our favorite people, eat fabulous food, and take a moment to just be thankful.  – but before the holidays this weekend, we had to leave you with some more music….

Tiffany’s Pick: Brightwood – Wake

I’m going a little old school this week. I’ve been a fan of Brightwood since 2006, but unfortunately I just found out that they broke up in May 😦 I love how their music and lyrics were very thoughtful. ‘Wake’ is one of my favorite songs from them and it invokes peaceful imagery in my head every time I listen to it.

Even though they broke up, not all is lost! The two brothers in the band have started a new project called Land & Sea. They have a music sampler on their website. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited for it to come out!

P.S. If you listen to Wake on Spotify, it’s a different version than the YouTube video. The video is the original song from their album, Wake, and the only version available on Spotify is from their acoustic album, Elementals. Both are good though! 🙂

Kellyn’s Pick: Elenowen – The Storm

You may have heard of this married duo from their time on the first season of The Voice.  However, this husband and wife have been working on their music career for quite a while.  Before they made it to the national stage I was in love with this song, ‘The Storm’ by them.  Their voices blend beauitfully to the melody of a well-written song.  And I wouldn’t be telling the entire truth if I didn’t mention that the fact that the Civil Wars recently made a sad announcement, that alluded to a possible break up, wasn’t part of the reasoning that I thought of Elenowen for today’s choice.  Their similar sound, led me to want to shed light on another male/female duo.

If you like what you hear, I strongly encourage you to check them out. Some of my favorite Nashville musicians.

Now go out there and enjoy your holidays…get stuffed on stuffing, and watch too many football games while listening to our Spotify playlist in the background. 🙂

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