a tardy music monday.

Well, technically it is still Monday here on the west coast, so we are gonna roll with it.  I think the turkey over the weekend got to Tiff and I, so we were a little slow to get this posted.  But enough of the talk…

Tiffany’s Pick: Phillip Phillips – Gone, Gone, Gone

I don’t think I’ve ever watched a full episode of American Idol (still haven’t), but I love Phillip Phillips! His CD just came out a week ago and it’s very good. He doesn’t sound like someone I would expect to win American Idol, at least based on most of the previous winners. He’s known for his song ‘Home’ which seems like it’s in every other commercial on TV. His voice and music has a feel similar to Mumford & Sons at times. I debated between picking this song, “Gone, Gone, Gone”, “Hold On” and “Tell Me A Story”. All three are good so check them out while you check out our Music Monday playlist on Spotify 🙂 I love the overall feel of the song and the lyrics are cute. Enjoy!

Kellyn’s Pick: Sunday Lane – Reckless One

Not going to lie, I can’t take complete credit on discovering this gem.  My good friend Andrea mentioned in my latest blog, Inked, actually knows this girl.  And she is incredible.  I randomly heard the song resonating from Andrea’s room one day, and had to find out what she was listening to.  Beyond the beautiful piano line, I am obsessed with the message of this song.

“you can be careful…and i’ll be the reckless one”

Don’t we all in some ways want to be completely and utterly reckless in life?  Just forget about responsibility for a while and follow wherever our heart leads.  I love that this song displays the romantic side of this notion.

This girl may be a young indie artist, but I would check her out.  She landed “Reckless One” on the show One Tree Hill, which I have actually blogged about before for their incredible music placements.  So she is no joke.

Well, there’s another week in the bag!  Don’t forget to subscribe to our Music Monday playlist on Spotify!!  Happy last week in November!!

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