oh the mustache. recently made famous by hipsters everywhere.  love it or hate it, during the month of November it’s all for a good cause.

Movember and Sons (no surprise their play on words is after a hipster band – if you live under a rock, that would be Mumford and Sons.), has taken the initiative to create a community of men who just love a reason to grow unruly hair above their mouths.

and what exactly is that reason? to support men’s health issues like prostate cancer. while these guys may love the idea starting November 1, once the end of the month rolls around, they are more than ready to go back to their cleane shaven upper lip.  but they have made a commitment to be walking, talking billboards for these great causes…therefore they will march on.

well, there are only a couple of days left of Movember, and some of my good friends have sacrificed their faces all month long… if you’re feeling generous today, please go to their site and donate to Team Young Money Stache Money MillionHairs.

they are actually cool guys once you get past their team name.  and they are in desperate need of some loving after walking around for a month looking like…well… i’ll leave that to your imagination…

happy giving my friends!!


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