a picture is worth a thousand words

who doesn’t love pictures?!  they capture memories, special moments, beautiful scenery, or a gorgeous glance. especially with apps like instagram taking over, everyone is a photog these days.

it is so easy for us to take a picture, crop it, throw a filter on it, post it, print it, blow it up onto a canvas, make a card, make a magnet…etc…

but there are people in this world who have never. had. their. picture. taken.  let alone, had a printed picture of themselves to keep.

well, celebrity photographer and artist, Jeremy Cowart has set out to change that.  he has started a movement called Help-Portrait.  The premise is simple: find someone in need, help them get dolled up, take their picture, and deliver a nice printed copy.


the stories that come out of these events are incredible.  I was excited to have the opportunity to work at an event along skid row in LA at the Downtown Women’s Center.  I loved witnessing these women have the chance to own the spotlight.

they were given the full treatment of hair and make-up and had the chance to “work” the camera in a variety of poses.  then the ladies got to pick out their favorites and take the copies home with them. this is a story from one of our volunteers:

“several women who because of abuse and attack have taken refuge at the Center. One of them communicated to me that she had not been able to look at her face in almost three years after she had been ambushed and knocked out with her nose and many other bones on her face broken. She just didn’t feel beautiful or worth being seen anymore. To watch the care with which our make-up and hair stylists treated her and the way the room came around her to encourage her during her photo session brought tears to many of our eyes. When she saw her pictures, all she could say was ‘god bless you’ and ‘god will bless you’.”


these kind of stories were filtered in throughout the day.  there were some truly powerful moments, blanketed with forever thankful women of their new, beauitful pictures that helped them to believe in their self-worth again.


and you have the opportunity to serve this with this amazing organization too.  this saturday, december 8th, Help-Portrait is hosting several events across the globe.  please check out the website to find a city near you and jump in.  they need volunteers of all sorts, not just photographers.  they WILL have a place for you – just as they have place for anyone who wants their picture taken.

be a part of restoring hope to someone’s soul or reignite a spark within them to feel self-worth again. everyone needs it.

and don’t take your own pictures for granted.  they really are worth a thousand words…


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