hobbits & vampires

don’t be alarmed by the title of this post.  yes, this is our weekly music monday, and no our picks aren’t about hobbits or vampires, but they may have come from them. so, if you are into either one of these things, you are in for a treat!

Tiffany’s Pick: Evermore – Follow the Sun

In the last 48 hours, I’ve become obsessed with this band! I was at the movies waiting to watch ‘The Hobbit’ when the trailer for ‘The Croods’ came on and that’s when I heard the song “Follow The Sun” by Evermore. I made sure to write myself a note to find out who the artist was and I’m glad I did!
This is the first time I’m hearing of Evermore, but they’ve been around for awhile. They consist of three brothers that hail from New Zealand. I was searching for other videos on them and came upon two cool videos. One is an acoustic version of the song which is really good (listen to original first though :)) and the second is a ‘music video’  of writing their newest album, Follow The Sun (came out in late November).

As for why I love this song, I like it’s carefree, fun vibe. I love the driving force of the snare drum which gives the feeling like you are actually on a journey following the sun 🙂

Kellyn’s Pick – Paul McDonald & Nikki Reed – Goodbye

Ok. so this pick has pop culture written all over it, without today’s bubblegum sound.  Paul McDonald was an American Idol contestant on season 10, while Nikki is an actress and is most known for her role as Rosalie in Twilight.  And of course they are married, and make a beautiful, talented couple (all of this information i just learned by the way, i don’t usually follow this kind of thing). Well, they just came out with an EP called The Best Part.

How did I hear about them? Well,  I saw a bunch of tweets from friends in Nashville about a couple that performed on a series called Music City Roots. It is heavy laden with incredible talent every week. After seeing these tweets, and a tip from a fellow music lover and friend, Angilee Smith, I decided to check them out. I fell in love with their EP and obsessed with this song, ‘Goodbye.’

It is the age-old sentiment of a couple trying to break up, conversing over the good and bad times, feeling love for a person, but understanding it’s time to say goodbye. It’s beautiful, it’s sad, and they sound great together…

Well, that’s another week in the books! Have a fabulous week, and honestly, I hope that you get to follow the sun more than you have to say goodbye.

Sorry…I had to…


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