a look back – 2012.

the end of the year is always a nostalgic time. Christmas brings on memories of Christmases past, and time at home with family has a way of taking you back to a very different season of life. at least this has been my experience.

but don’t worry, i am not going to bore you with my entire life story…i am going to, however, scan over some of the big moments that happened in 2012. it was a pretty special year.

I was honored to get to work for a few incredible non-profits. I continued my work with OneVerse through March, along with becoming a tour rep for Food for the Hungry. These organizations gave me the opportunity to travel. and to travel a lot this year.

2012 map

My year in numbers:

54 flights (including connections).

23 cities.

at least 16 rental cars.

21 hotels.

56 shows – attended or worked

1 wedding i was honored to be a bridesmaid in

3 months of sleeping on a couch

48 soccer games

14 days at GRAMMY camp

4 amazing road trips with friends

5 rooftop jam sessions

way too many coffees.

and even more amazing people that were met along the way…



Revolve IMG_2086
















And these people were not just acquaintances…they quickly became some of my best friends that just happened to be thrown into the same city, the same tour, or even just the same bar at the same time as me. I couldn’t be more thankful for my perfectly placed web of friends.

Then there were the things I got to knock them off of my bucket list!

: go to Warped Tour : to drive down the PCH : attend the GRAMMY Awards : a red-eye flight : a Cirque du Soleil show : an NCAA Tournament game (Go Racers!) : to live in LA : to bike down the beach : an NBA game :



And lastly…there were the big life moments. like…

becoming an aunt..again to a beautiful baby boy, Josiah James 🙂 josiah

moved across country from Nashville to Los Angeles


celebrated the life of my dear grandmother Robison with close family and friends

got anther tattoo


and accepted my first full time job.

through it all i was beyond blessed to experience these incredible moments with even better people. my life has been beautifully sprinkled with amazing friends that have made the difference in everything.










so here’s to a year full of even more adventure, more discovery, more laughter, more firsts, more hope, and more love.

here’s to 2013 everyone! happy new year!!




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