hello friends! and welcome to 2013! so we took last week off, but we are ready to get back into our music monday routine.  looking forward to shining light on some incredible music this year…

Tiffany’s Pick: French Horn Rebellion“Up All Night”

This band is a little gem I discovered while shopping at Forever 21 one day. I seem to discover a lot of good music there actually! French Horn Rebellion consists of two brothers and they’re from NY/WI according to their Facebook. Plain and simple, I picked this song cause it’s groovy. Yeah, I used to the word groovy!

Kellyn’s Pick: Wakey!Wakey!“Light Outside”

OK…fine…I admit, I discovered this one on One Tree Hill too.  I know. I know. I need to stop watching these shows, but let’s be real, they had some great music supervisors working on that series!  So the main guy in Wakey!Wakey! is Michael Grubbs who grew up playing classical piano and eventually moved to NYC to pursue to broadway stage.  Once he started his Wakey!Wakey! project he began to play out where he met Mark Schwahn, head writer and executive producer of One Tree Hill. His song “War Sweater” was featured on one of the season finale’s and Grubbs was eventually cast as a reoccuring role on the show so his music was featured even more.

I am a sucker for strings, and his album Almost Everything I Wish I’d Said the Last Time I Saw You… is covered in them…accompanied by beautifully composed ivories. it’s all pretty great, so take a listen.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our Spotify Playlist to get you through every Monday…or every day!  Make it a good week everybod-ay!


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