Hello fellow Monday-ers!  We hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and is ready to get back to the weekday grind.  Here’s some music to get you started off right… our Music Monday playlist!

Tiffany’s Pick: Yuna – “Decorate”

This song is beautiful! I love all the little elements in the song, especially the strings. I’m not sure where I was when I heard this song, but I used good ol’ SoundHound to discover it. I had to do a little research on Yuna since I had never really heard of her. She is from Malaysia and “Decorate” appears on her self-titled LP that was released in April 2012 (which I just bought). I only had to listen to three song clips before I decided this is something I will probably really like. Enjoy!

Kellyn’s Pick: “Love Will Be Enough”

Alright, so I had to make this week’s pick a little bit complicated.  I have been wanting to put this song on our playlist for a while…but I couldn’t decide who’s version to use.  This tune was written by Joe Moralez, Brandon Heath, and Dave Barnes…all incredible aritsts, who all decided to put this beautiful song on their latest records.

Not only is this a pretty melody, it paints a gorgeous picture of a simple life full of love.  The kind of love that dreams are built on.  We live in a world that gets caught up in climbing the corporate ladder, making money, while forgetting how beautiful a quiet, uncomplicated life can be.

I’m going to put Dave Barnes’ version on our playlist, however, the video below is a live performance of the song by Heath, Moralez, and Britt Nicole.  I love the added girl harmony in this version.

I seriously encourage you to check out all 3 of these guys albums if you are into that singer-songwriter vibe like I am.  Good good stuff.

Alright now y’all…have a fabulous week and enjoy some good tunes while you’re at it!

Oh. and this just needs to be said… “Welcome back, JT….welcome back.”


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