do you ever…

…hear about what other people are doing with their lives and wonder if what you are doing even matters?

do you ever get lost in thought of the “grand scheme of things” and ask if your blink of time on this earth will even be remembered? will it change the course of anything?

will it make a difference? to anyone? to you?

these are my inner struggles that hit me at 4 am on a random thursday morning.

i hear so many beautiful stories of people changing the world in amazing ways…and my heart aches with hope that i will one day do something like that.

am i just wasting time here worried about laundry money, complaining about my morning commute, and wishing i had the self-discipline to lose 10 pounds?

and then sitting at work, in-putting data, sending emails, sitting in meetings, staring at a computer screen…what is it all for?

should i be on a different course? making moves in other places?

but it is in these moments that i have to take a step back.  i have to close my eyes and breathe.  i have to remember that i am here, and i need to be in this moment. in this glimpse of time and i need to make it better.

make it better for me, but more importantly, make it beautiful to the people around me.

i don’t know how to to change the world, but i do know it is no small task. although, it starts with small gestures.

so maybe not all of our paths will lead us to start an orphanage in Africa or lead us to have our own TED talk.  Not everyone is going to cure cancer, and not everyone is going to be an ambassador of peace in a war-ridden country.

not everyone will be a hero to millions of people.

but we can be a hero to someone.

so take a breath. look around you.  where are you needed?  where can you make a difference?


you may have dreams of being the hero to millions, and that is wonderful.  i hope that you can be.  i hope that you can change this world in a big way, even change the course of history.  i am always dreaming of ways that i could make a large impact.

but i pray that us dreamers don’t lose our way while on this journey. that we don’t forget about the small things that make a difference.

like a smile to a complete stranger, a random act of kindness, a hug of comfort, even a hello.

remember the importance of where you are right now. in this moment.  whoever you are, whatever you do….find a way to be the unsung hero today.  you never know, it could change the course of someone’s life…

maybe even your own…


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