wonderfully yours.

So it may not be monday anymore…but we were closer this time around…

Tiffany’s Pick: Gary Go – “Wonderful”

This is another one of the songs I heard while out and about. I actually heard this song while jumping on a trampoline (seriously). I love the message of the song so pay attention to the lyrics 😉 That is all. Enjoy!


Kellyn’s Pick: Churchill – “I Am Yours”

I first heard of this band via twitter.  for whatever reason, a ton of the people who are music influencers in Nashville were tweeting about this new release from a band called Churchill.  When I pulled up their stuff on Spotify, I was immediately drawn to their album art work and with a first listen I was hooked.



Some of you may be familiar with their single “Change” which is getting some airplay, and was the iTunes free single of the week a bit ago.  I like “Change”, but I have to say that “I Am Yours” is probably my favorite off of the EP. Take a listen, and be sure to check out their other stuff!


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