#the world is listening

to all of our readers, you may or may not know that Tiffany and I work for the GRAMMY Foundation.  The organization’s work covers many aspects, but this week is GRAMMY Week and we are going 100mph planning multiple events that lead up to the awards show.  But we wanted to bring you guy a special themed GRAMMY Music Monday to coincide with the awards show that happens on Sunday night! Don’t forget to tune in!


So we made picks based on the this years nominations.  We both picked songs by artists that have been nominated for an award.  Our specific song picks don’t have to be nominated, just the artist.  We wanted to have some non-mainstream options.  so let’s do it!

Tiffany’s Pick: Frank Ocean – “Swim Good”
It was a tie between this song and “I Want You” by Luke James. Two years ago when I was working in recording studios, I had the pleasure of assisting sessions with both artists. I also believe that these two guys went to school together in New Orleans and ran into each other at the studio I was working at! It’s a small world, especially the music industry.

It’s pretty amazing to see that these two are both nominated for GRAMMYs two years later and I worked with them when they weren’t very well known. Frank Ocean has definitely gotten pretty big since “Swim Good” (pre- Channel Orange), which I remember hearing while he was recording vocals for it. Anyway, it’s a cool song so check it out!

Kellyn’s Pick: Maroon 5 – “Just a Feeling”

I fell in love with Maroon 5 with their debut album Songs About Jane.  It’s an all around incredible album and if you don’t own it, you should probably buy it. like right now.  The band has journeyed away from their original sound and I have stuck it out with them (not just because Adam Levine is gorgeous).  However, nothing beats that first album.  Their catchy pop/dance tunes are fun, but I’m a huge fan of their songs that usually don’t make it to radio off of their latest releases.

I chose ‘Just a Feeling’ a beautiful, depressing ballad from their sophomore album Hands All Over.  I figured most people haven’t heard this song, and it deserves a good listen.

Enjoy the GRAMMYs on Sunday night!  Sure to be a lot of fun! Especially with a Justin Timberlake performance!!!

Next week we are going to pick our favorite winners from the show! Until then…

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