dream on.

tired. no motivation to move. can’t remember anything. words to talk, simply escape your tongue.  comprehension of anything is out the window.  feet ache.  yet your heart longs to rewind and do it all over again, or simply just keep going.

this my friend, are the GRAMMY Week withdrawals.

it’s been 5 days since the 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards telecast…and i’m still exhausted.

it’s crazy how much this week will take out of you.  but when i think about it, it’s not just a week of no sleep and running around, it’s the days that are leading up to these events.  I have put in more than 150 hours of work in two weeks, and some of these hours were during 3:30 am nights in the office.

but this exhaustion is worth it  and i don’t want to forget any of it, and this is why i’m writing this.  this post is going to be more for me.  i don’t ever want to become jaded.  i want to remember how special this past week has been, and how some of these moments were dreams that came true.  some of them were dreams i never even knew that i had. but in that blimp of time, i knew that i was right where i was supposed to be.

last year i worked grammy week as a volunteer, but this was my first year as a full-time employee of the Foundation and it was incredible in a whole new way.


late nights at the office. i know it sounds odd that i would want to remember these times, but i loved them.  we were delirious, ridiculous, stressed, and we just didn’t care anymore.  work was often interrupted by fits of laughter. it was just fun.

early morning walk through.  leading a group of volunteers through USC‘s campus as the sun came up for the GRAMMY Camp Basic Training event. fun, yet very painful at the same time.IMG_6259

– watching the audience dance with Jaunes at our GRAMMY in the Schools Live! concert.

working tirelessly on assisting in the planning of an incredible event.  the long hours, the arrangement of finite details, meeting new people, being worried that the florist would flake, and catering to artists – i loved it all. IMG_6271

– working along side friends. it’s quite lovely to have familiar faces by your side to laugh off the stress, and enjoy the amazing moments together.

preservation mm

– desperately fighting the urge to speak in my awful british accent while talking to a real Brit, Ed Sheeran and his awesome management team about Nashville.

– i attempted to explain this same moment last year, and i will take a stab at it again here. there is absolutely nothing like standing side stage while an incredible performance goes down that captivates the audience.  getting to watch Lupe Fiasco and Guy Sebastian perform their hit “Battle Scars” with a gospel choir backing them, was definitely a ‘pinch me’ moment.  i have always been a Lupe fan, and after meeting him and watching him work first hand, i’m an even bigger fan now.  he even wrote an entire verse for the event highlighting the theme of ‘Play it Forward: A Celebration of Music’s Evolution and Influencers”

view highlights of the event here

– being locked out of my apartment at 2:30 am after a 17 hour work day. fail.

– by-passing others as they were kicked out of Staple’s Center during Justin Timberlake‘s closed rehearsal. i just pretended he was singing to me. i know, i know, he’s married. but let my 12-year-old N’SYNC studded dreams have a moment, OK? but seriously, the man is talented and i could watch that performance on repeat.

experiencing the joy of our GRAMMY Camp Media team after they got to hang with JT for 45 minutes and complete the only interview he gave that day. So unbelievably awesome for them!!

media team

– 3 girls attempting to get dolled up. in 20 minutes. in the dark. while my electricity was out.

– experiencing the Musicares Person of the Year show honoring Bruce Springsteen in a star-studded room.

Mumford & Sons silencing the room with their version of “I’m on Fire”

Tom Morello shredding his guitar and bringing the room to their feet.

– experiencing the historic Wilshire-Ebell Theatre at the Nominee Reception

attending the GRAMMY Awards. this is something I had dreamed of growing up, and the fact that I actually get to work the show is still beyond me.

– witnessing my dream man, Justin Timberlake help announce a project that I have been working on for 3 months. not gonna lie, i may have shed a tear. it was such a surreal moment for me.  i loved watching the crowd become excited about the new Music Educator Award, and the praises that have been sung in the days that have followed have been incredible as well.  i am truly blessed to be a part of this new endeavor to shed light on the importance of music education.


celebrating my 25th birthday at midnight with an awesome dance party with my best friends at the Official GRAMMY Celebration, themed ‘Ballywood’.  unbelievable.



and i am so thankful that two of my good friends were able to fly out from Nashville to experience this amazing chaos with me.  Couldn’t have made it through some of the rough moments, like deciding what to wear, or contemplating the fact we were homeless for a split-second without Angilee and Joanna.  so glad we could make it happen!!


and just when i thought the excitement was over…my email was flooded with thousands upon thousands of emails about the Music Educator Award…and then the incredible people at STORY published this.

I couldn’t feel more blessed.  and i don’t ever want to cease to be thankful for these moments, or remember them in a jaded fashion. these are my dreams turning into a reality, and these are incredible flashes that deserve to be highlighted in my reel of life.

so here’s to another year of dreaming. working, and more dreaming. and more moments of realizing that dreams are coming true whether it’s your dream or someone else’s.  bask in those moments, grasp onto them, celebrate them, document them and never forget.

they are important, you will need them to look back on, to remember in those times of doubt.  because no matter your circumstances, doubt will creep in.  but just remember these moments of victory.

and dream on dreamers. dream on…


3 Replies to “dream on.”

  1. My heart is bursting for you while reading this! Seriously, tears came to my eyes as I read your passion, love, and excitement coming to life this past week! I am so proud of you and so blessed to call you friend! LOVE YOU!

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