some aussies and a brit.

better late than never…

Tiffany’s Pick: Bag Raiders – “Shooting Stars”

I know, the name of the group is pretty weird. It makes me think that they just raid people’s shopping bags or something. Haha! Well, I don’t know much about this band except they consist of two guys and they’re from Australia. I’m willing to bet this is another song I heard while shopping at Forever 21 😉 As evident in my last pick, I’m pretty into the electronic dance type of songs. Nothing wrong with listening to some songs that make you want to bob your head 🙂


Kellyn’s Pick: Ben Howard – “Only Love”

I don’t even remember how I discovered this guy, but it was a while ago. He’s a singer/songwriter from England, and I’m in love with his sound.  His entire album, Every Kingdom is incredible.  This song has a great melody and beautiful lyrics.  The acoustic version of the song is below.  This really showcases his talent as a singer and a guitar player. Plus, I just love hearing something stripped down, but be sure to listen to the album version here.


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