for the last five months i’ve been working on this project…the GRAMMY’s Music Educator Award.  The Recording Academy and the GRAMMY Foundation are partnering up to honor a music teacher for the first time ever.  our marketing roll out plan included this awesome PSA.  i think i have been so caught up in the logistics of the award, that i failed to realize the power of the video…

it really got me thinking about our stories. how everyone has one.  there aren’t many people in this world that you will learn everything about them and why they are the way they are. this is reserved for your exclusive inner circle.

but for the thousands of other people you may meet or simply see in this life…you will never know who or what is behind them. you won’t get to read their entire book.

it’s made me take a look at myself and my story.  who’s my inspiration? what do i stand for? why? who or what has gotten me here?  and what will push me to the next place?

we write our own stories with the help of many co-writers.  choose them wisely. and it’s been said often, but i’ll say it a again… “write a story worth telling.”

a story you’ll be proud to share with those that helped you create it. and in those proud moments, don’t forget to thank them, write them in the liner notes, give them a call, dedicate the book.

make them known.

If you would like to nominate someone for the GRAMMY Music Educator Award, the deadline is Monday, April 15th.  So do it today by going to 


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