today i found myself crying in a police station…

…and when I tell you the reasons, you are inevitably going to be let down.

But it’s true. I spent part of my day crying in a police station over my lost (or stolen) wallet. Exciting, huh?

I’m not going to lie, today sucked.

I woke up only to discover my wallet was not in my purse where i last saw it. I spent the better half of my day retracing my steps with a friend and searching every nook and cranny. Nothing.

I think the hardest part for me, is the fact that I have no clue how I could have lost it or had it stolen. The facts just don’t add up.

I was holding onto one last hope that the wallet may have been turned in at the music venue I had been to the night before. This was the last place I remembered having my wallet out, only to show my ID and put it right back in my purse.

as we searched the musky venue, my stomach began to sink. It was gone.

Our next stop?

The WEHO police department.

hope was out the window, and i became so angry and overwhelmed with frustration I just started to cry. I couldn’t stop thinking about everything I would have to get replaced, and everything I had lost. and the fact that i had no clue how it could have happened was just plain freaking annoying.

It was all just such an inconvenience. And I hated it. I just wanted it to magically appear like it had mysteriously disappeared just hours before.

but it hasn’t. and it probably never will.

and realistically, within the week i will hopefully have almost everything of importance back into my hands. and life will proceed as normal.

as me and two of my friends went out for ‘pity food’ and complained over dinner the frustrations of our day, i was reminded that it could all be so much worse.

what’s ironic is that i was reminded of this very fact last night in that same venue where i had my last moments with my first (and probably last) Kate Spade piece. When Tyrone Wells performed one of my favorites of his, “When all is said and done.”

he brought me to tears thinking about it all. and i turned around the next day and acted as if my life was falling apart without my wallet.

but when i was reminded of the weight of the importance of a wallet in the grand scheme of things, i began to feel guilty.

no, i don’t think it’s wrong to be upset about an occurrence like this. but it’s all about perspective, and i lost some of that today. and losing it is much easier than having it. but it is desperately needed to make it through this trial-filled life. so i will fight to hold onto it.

i let perspective slip through my hands and i’m not going to lie…i’m still mad. it was a waste of day. and i just wish i knew how it happened.

but once i refocused on the good, and precious things in life…a weight was immediately lifted. yes this day was frustrating, and this week will be a task as i work to get back my essentials…and i will continue to pray that my identity won’t be stolen (dear whoever has my wallet, please be nice.) but when all is said and done…it’s really not a big deal. life will go on.

so i will focus on that…

and being thankful that my wallet was the ONLY reason i was sitting in that police station. and here’s to hoping that will be the only one for a long long time…


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