a couple of weekends ago, i experienced quite the whirlwind… in an incredible way.  i was blessed to fuel two of my passions in polar opposite environments.

on saturday i got to work Wango Tango, a major LA radio station’s music festival. working music events is a happy place for me.  i love the rush, the hustle and bustle, the fans, the people, the music, the stories…

Jason Derulo

not only did i get to see the US Soccer team’s locker room, but it was a red-carpet, star-studded event (that included Adam Levine).  this girl was very happy.  the night was filled with expensive clothes, gift bags, escalades, reality TV stars, bentleys, wardrobe choices, make-up artists…and all night, my job was to serve the artists, cater to them. for 17 hours i ran around making sure everyone was taken care of.  and i loved it.

less than 24 hours later, i went to serve a demographic who probably doesn’t even know what Wango Tango is.  heck, they probably don’t even own a radio.

on Mother’s Day i got to work with an organization called Red Eye that is affiliated with the Dream Center here in LA.  They do a ton of work in the city, and Mother’s Day was no different.  We had a set up to honor mothers who live along skid row, where one of the largest populations of homeless in the United States live. they were fed, got makeovers, received new clothes, walked a red carpet, and had their photo taken.  they were praised for simply being them.

women, created in God’s image.

it didn’t matter that they live on the streets, that they don’t have jobs, and can barely care for themselves. and it certainly didn’t matter if their make-up was right, if they carried new gucci bag, or had an escalade to escape screaming fans. they came to us as they were, and we loved on them just the same.

beautiful family


LA is one of the few places in this world where you can serve the rich and famous one day and turn around and serve the homeless less than 24 hours later.  to be able to do this is needed in this city, where it is so easy to get caught up in what the rich and famous are doing, especially when you work in the entertainment world.  but what is really important?

i feel like part of our purpose here on this earth is to serve and love others.  no matter their status, their income, or their way of life.  servitude is part of who we should be. it is what i long to be.

someone who exudes love.

and love is not stagnate.  love is a verb, an action.  when you love someone you do something. you serve.  without judgement, without fear, sometimes without thought.  it just happens.

there are so many famous sayings about love:

“all you need is love”…”love conquers all”…”love never fails”….”what the world needs now is love”

the reason these are all true?? because love does.  it acts on the behalf of others and acts completely selflessly.

no…it’s not easy…but try this with me…do at least one thing out of love a day. it doesn’t have to be a big gesture. often the unnoticed acts of love are the best. just go…and do…


while most of these thoughts were inspired by my eventful weekend, some of this was inspired by a book called Love Does by Bob Goff.  I highly recommend it for ANYONE.


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