music monday.

apparently Spring was a little rough for Tiff and I…nevertheless, we are back.  bringing you good music choices that you wish you had discovered.

Tiffany’s Pick:


“I’ll Be There”
Brighten has been one of my favorite little known bands for several years now. They’re kind of a mystery to me though. They have little to no social media profiles. I’m not even sure how I found out they had a new album come out! Brighten is originally from Chico, CA and their vocalist, Justin Richards, is a member of the more popular band, A Rocket to the Moon. “I’ll Be There” is one of those cute sentimental songs that you just can’t help but enjoy!

Kellyn’s Pick:

I actually heard this song first on the radio.  The catchy beat caught my attention, so i immediately ‘Shazammed’ it.  i haven’t stopped listening to this band ever since.  They hail from across the pond and are taking the US by storm with their EP IV, and have fans anxiously awaiting their full-lenth album release in September.  don’t take my word for how great they are, take a listen…guarantee you’ll be listening for a while…

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