we like mandolins.

this week’s songs both feature instruments like the madolin and banjo.  for me, they bring a sound of comfort and love.  a reminder of simple things.

Tiffany’s Pick: Green River Ordinance – “It Ain’t Love”

I think Kellyn actually introduced me to this band a few years ago. Their past albums have been good, but their latest EP, Chasing Down The Wind, is a bit different. It has more of a folkier/country feel to all of the songs including this one. I love the chorus to this song and think it’s so true!
If it can’t make you cry
Make you mad
Or get you high
It’s just a waste of time
Any ol’ fool can go as far
Dress it up and play the part
But it ain’t love
If it can’t break your heart
I introduced this song to our friend, Kristen Castro, and we played it at her goodbye show last week. We also got inspired to film a video of us performing it in the bathroom at the venue as odd as that sounds! Check out the video here.

Kellyn’s Pick: Judah and the Lion – “Our Love”

This is an indie Americana-Rock band out of Nashville that a friend of mine introduced me to.  They recently released their second EP, Sweet Tennessee that was funded by Kickstarter.  My favorite song of the EP is called Our Love.  Not only is the melody beautiful, the lyrics are just as equally capitivating.  To me, it’s about believing in a love that you have for someone, even if it hasn’t fully grown.  Even if you have to let it go first before it can fully bloom.

Like the seas wait
for the dawn to come
I feel hope
in the strength of
Our love

I could only find a live version of this song, but you can listen the recorded version on our Spotify playlist.

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