an open letter to 2014

dear 2014,

you were wonderful, harsh, dreamy, dark, and lovely. you were a brown paper package wrapped-up in string, filled with new desires, new dreams, new friendships, and new challenges.

you greeted me with unexpected loss. one that broke my heart and tore at my soul. one that brought me home to spend time with family and see friends that lift me up. one that helped me evaluate how i live and taught me to hold onto the ones i love a little bit tighter.

you brought me new community. new lives were brought to me that helped me appreciate my moments in this “new” city. through sport, through serving others, and other common interests, i found new humans to enjoy.

you became a challenge. i broke my leg and suddenly found myself on a surgeon’s table with two crutches as my new best friends. i was in pain and helpless. i was humbled to ask for help, and thankful for those who willingly would.

you put me in awe. when one of our friends ended up in the hospital after a tragic accident, it was astounding to see how we rallied, not only for him, but for each other from scattered places around the country. my heart was full.

you welcomed me with adventure. i was able to go to nicaragua without crutches just two months after surgery. we went as two girls open to the doors that swung our way.  we experienced beautiful moments, and fell even more in love with that country.

you were filled with gorgeous, new views. with a California camping trip, and a road trip up the coast on route 1.

big sur.

you knocked on my door with reminders. after various reunions, i discovered that distance will not steal friendships. whether it was through a beautiful union of two humans, or just for a Nashville ‘galentine’s day’ – we danced, we sang, and we lived.

you awakened my mind with new dreams. some to be told and lived out, others that may always remain a dream.

you were filled with laughter, late night cocktails, painful tears, spontaneous decisions, and confusing conversations.

lessons were learned, questions were asked, answers were lost, and life was lived.

so thank you, 2014.  your moments are forever in my memory.


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