“start makin’ some changes” – 2Pac

There are two things that I know to be true about change:

1) it’s really hard.

2) it’s so good.

Today marks my last day as an employee for the GRAMMY Foundation. Three years ago, I booked a one-way ticket from Nashville to LA to join the “GRAMMY Family” full-time.

grammy red carpet

I watched the GRAMMY Awards growing up, and every year my dream of one day attending the show became more vibrant. Never did I think that I would celebrate my 25th birthday holding an all-access pass to the telecast and official after party.  It was one of those moments that exceeds your expectations of life, and I think that it always will.  I hope that you get to experience some of those “pinch-me” moments. The ones where you realize that the dreams that you didn’t even know that you had, are coming true.

I had plenty of those during my time with the GRAMMY’s, you know, those “is this real life?” moments. From dancing with Bonnie Raitt backstage, to 3am work nights (that were actually a lot of fun), to having your ultimate pre-teen (and adult) crush, Justin Timberlake announce the launch of a program that I had been working on for 3 months. Dreams on dreams on dreams…

But you can only stand on a ledge for so long before you take the leap, or you retreat back into comfort.  Some of us will stand in this space for a day, a month, or even years.  But sooner or later a choice has to be made.

“One foot in and one foot back
But it don’t pay to live like that” – The Avett Brothers

I took a leap from my comfort zone to start my adventure in the City of Angels three years ago. Now, I’m taking another leap into a different journey.  It is with a bittersweet step that I’m leaving the Recording Academy for an unwritten chapter and unknown territory. I’m beyond excited about the opportunities and possibilities that have opened up over the last few weeks – and no, I’m not going anywhere.  I will still call LA home for the unforeseeable future.

BUT that doesn’t mean that I’m not going places…

On Thursday, I’m embarking on a cross-country road trip with my incredible friend Jessica Erin. We are seeking adventure, good people, incredible sights, and unforgettable experiences.  Along the way, we will be stopping to work out and eat healthy…we are calling it our #FitTrip.  This blonde and brunette are in for 6 days of ridiculous fun, and you should, without a doubt, follow along.

Jessi + kellyn

Twitter: @jessicaerin715 // @kellynjo

Instagram: @jessicaerin715 // @kellynjo

Periscope: @jessicaerin // @kellynjo

andddd because that isn’t enough social media to follow…let’s throw a spotify playlist in there, because…music!  It’s open for good road trip additions…please feel free to add some good (or bad) music that we need to listen to.  We will be spending just a few hours in the car: shrd.by/SpD5w3 

I promise this is the last thing…but here is the list of cities that we will be going through, if you have suggestions of places we need to see/go, please comment below!!

  • Vegas
  • Zion
  • Moab
  • Denver
  • Kansas City
  • St. Louis
  • Memphis
  • Nashville


For those of you that are still reading this…thank you. I love you all, and I couldn’t have made this leap without the overwhelming encouragement of your friendship.

See ya soon, Nashvegas!


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