STORY 2017

STORY is an uncommon creative community for storytellers, artists and dreamers who believe that stories matter. Members of the STORY tribe have a natural bent towards impacting and influencing the cultures in which they live, work, and play. While the majority of our tribe consists of commercial storytellers who work in creative industries, we are not just about telling stories for the sake of commerce or entertainment, but we understand that great stories are what influences the minds and hearts of others, and ultimately, change the world.
Our community consists of influencers from companies like Disney Imagineering, Pinterest, IBM, Intel, and so many more. Not to mention individuals who are spearheading start-ups, nonprofits, writing screenplays and pursuing other creative endeavors that are changing our culture’s narratives. From canvas and screens to classrooms and stages, STORY is for storytellers of all kinds.
We work to keep our members inspired through a weekly podcast, workshops, webinars and our yearly gathering. Learn about STORY 2018 here!

GRAMMY’s Music Educator Award

When I moved to LA in 2012, I had no idea that my childhood (and now) celebrity crush would be soon announcing the project that I would be in charge of launching on the GRAMMY Stage.

It was a surreal moment where so many dreams were colliding as I sat in the Staples Center and watched Justin Timberlake announce the launch of the Music Educator Award. The months leading up to that moment were filled with lots of marketing and logistical research as I was thrown into a brand new position at the GRAMMY Foundation where I was expected to implement this brand new award.

I had so much fun getting to pour praises on our first two award winners during GRAMMY Week. They got to walk the red carpet with the likes of Ringo Starr, they sat at the GRAMMY’s in front of artists like Beyonce, and followed behind Lorde into the press room. It was quite a surreal moment for them (and me).



Every year starry-eyed high school students flock to the campus of the University of Southern California for GRAMMY Camp.

I had the pleasure of getting to work