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I’m a producer, dreamer, and humanitarian who’s seeks to share wonder and inspire others to share their stories. After working for a number of nonprofits within the music industry, I discovered that my passions lie in creating life-changing experiences for others. Ones that can captivate, entertain, and even change the trajectory of someone’s story.

I believe the in power of stories, and that’s why I currently work for Istoria Collective, an organization that serves those hoping to tell a better story with their art, and their lives. Because our art can change the narrative of culture, can sway the minds of men, and bring about change where we want to see it.



From theaters to arenas, camps and non-profits, here are a few of my favorite projects that I’ve been honored to work on. Learn more about each of these projects here.

STORY 2017
STORY 2017
JT Grammy
GRAMMY Music Educator Award


Here are my thoughts, letters, and stories. I can only hope that they might offer some “me too” moments or inspiration to go out and do something. The writing isn’t perfect, but it’s honest.

I’m so glad that you’re here.


Confession: 2017 has been a series of unexpected highs and lows like I’ve never experienced before in my life. And lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m swimming in the dark, in an ocean of doubt and confusion with no shore in sight. And when talking with my close friends, I’ve discovered that so many of …